I have finally created my logo! For quite some time I wasn’t sure of what I wanted. At first I thought that maybe I would use the Coat of Arms I created for my website, but then I realized that it probably wouldn’t stand up very well to scaling.

I decided to take a more simple route. I found a felt moose head and a cartoon moose head online that I took a lot of inspiration from. I really liked the curves of the felt moose head but I thought that they were to rough and harsh; I also disliked how narrow the head was. So I sketched out a much wider moose head and decided to scrap the face.

When I had started creating the logo I wanted it to be a stamp, worn and flecked like the font I chose. Due to the antlers the moose head fit in the circular stamp rather awkwardly so I trashed the idea. My next problem was the font was illegible when I scaled down the moose head. It took me a couple of moments before I was aware that I could just put the moose head beside the typography, making it more like a letter head on a memo.

My new logo sparked a couple ideas for a new webpage. Even though I do like my current page, I feel that it’s not the webpage of a photographer. So I decided to go clean and simple; black and with little splashes of colour. All I currently have are the home page and the photography page.