I know that I’ve been bad with posting, I anticipated the summer being quite different from how it’s turning out to be. Since I’m leaving in a week for Europe I thought that maybe I could squeeze in a couple more posts. So here it goes.

I’ve been playing with the idea of making a moose head using letters for a while now but the sheer shape of it always put me off. So I decided that if I eliminate the antlers from the equation (because they can always be added in later) that the design was much more feasible.

I doubt that I will end up using the final product as my official logo, just because the moose head is so awkwardly shaped and placing it properly can be…difficult.

And since I’m talking about a new logo, I should also mention that I’m planning to re-design my website (yes, again). I can’t seem to decide how I want it to look.

It seems that this summer I’ve been suffering from digital media A.D.D.. I can’t wait until school starts!

I’m leaving tomorrow for Europe and I thought that I would just upload a few (really) rough sketches of things that I’m planning to do.

An while I’m in Europe, depending on the speed of the internet on the cruise ship, I will post a few pictures of my trip daily.