Hola amigos!

Sorry that I had to stop posting after Day3, I had an unfortunate accident with my laptop on the fourth night and could not use it for the rest of the trip. I got home a couple of days ago but I’ve been in bed recovering from the European time difference. I’ve decided to re-post Days1-3 with more and higher quality images; as my internet was pay-per-minute and I had to reduce the amount and quality of the images for upload speed.

Since I’ve got the time now I’ll give you a rundown of my European vacation. My family and I went on a twelve day cruise on the Mediterranean leaving from Barcelona, Spain. The boat we went on was the Royal Caribbean International, Brilliance of the Seas. So we flew to Barcelona the morning of the cruise and arranged a pre-cruise bus tour of Barcelona. We hit all the major tourist stops like the Olympic Stadium, Gaudi’s Basilica, historical town squares, and a look out point at the top of the city.