As you can see I’ve got a whole new layout! Although I’m still figuring out my corporate identity, I know that I like clean and simple design rather than something fussy or grungy. So far during my search I have decided to leave “The Mind of the Moose Media” behind me for a variety of reasons. However, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to go by the boring yet professional “use your name” as your logo, or something more creative and punchy.

Anyways here’s another resume I did.

Since I’m no longer going by The Mind of the Moose, the business cards and logo in my previous posts are no longer applicable.

While I was working on my new business cards I had the idea to put a QR Code on the back of it. Unfortunately once scaled down to a certain size, QR Codes can no longer be scanned, so I’m looking for a solution. But since it works on the computer here it is for you guys to scan!