I had to create a vertical poster and a superboard ad for my Advertising class. The class was divided into groups and each group was given two categories to choose from and design an ad around; ours were television and phone companies. So I chose the television show Merlin, which ended up working out well for me because there was a plethora of high res images readily available online.

Since most people watch TV shows for the characters I felt that it was important that the main focus of the ads were on the two main characters of the show, Arthur and Merlin. I chose to use a darker coloured background because it helped give the ads the same dark, slightly ominous, mood as the show. Although the use of sans-serif fonts are generally the more popular choice for banner/poster ads, I decided that it would look inappropriate considering the time era of the show. Because I used a serif font (Brawler) it was very important to keep the number of words to a minimum. Although Merlin is no longer airing on the Space Channel, I was advised by my professor to pretend like it still was and to add the Network, time, and day that it was on.