Assignment: Design a unicase typeface based on Myriad or Garamond. You must include all 26 letters, numbers 0-9, four punctuation marks, and three dingbats

I wanted my typeface to be simple, yet at the same time, complex. It was also important that my typeface wasn’t too obscure, that way it could be used many different ways and in different styles. The attributes that I decided to focus on were candid, meticulous, and practical.

My font is based off of Myriad because I find reading sans serif typefaces to be easier and faster. I incorporated something usually only seen in serif typefaces (transitioning from thin to thick strokes) because I felt that gave typefaces more visual interest.

I named my font Circle Sans because it is a sans serif typeface and each glyph is accented by circles, giving the typeface it’s unique look.

Fonts used: Roboto Slab