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Assignment: Create a website based around a metaphor of our class. Find at least five connections with every member of the class and link to their websites.

Click the image above to visit my community website.

I chose the metaphor “we are a website” because I thought that it would help me get away with designing a more sophisticated, less metaphoric website. I went a couple of steps extra and read many web design blogs to learn how to do interesting CSS3 rollovers and vertically/horizontally aligning things on a browser page. I created many of the icons on the connections page myself and saved them as SVG images to make them retina ready. The background I used is a SVG pattern that can be found on SVGeneration, which I tweaked to suit my websites theme.

For the best user experience please view in Chrome.

Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime 2, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Fonts used: Bevan, Roboto, and Roboto Slab