Assignment: Create an ad for the magazine of your choice. Your budget is unlimited so the ad can be any size, but include an estimate based on the magazine’s rate card.

I chose the Food Network Magazine because I am a frequent reader and am familiar with the type of content in it. The Food Network Magazine always includes ads/articles for cool kitchen gadgets, so knew that I wanted to go in that direction with my ad. After some consideration I thought that the Fred & Friends ice mold would be perfect for such an ad, so I raced out to the specialty kitchen store and bought myself “The Chiller” ice mold.

While researching the product I noticed that all of the Fred & Friends ads and photographs highlighted the eerie, Halloween aspect of The Chiller ice mold. I wanted to do something different with my ad. My concept was to use a play on words (“Ill use normal ice when hell freezes over”) to show readers that a fun ice mold was the new, cool, must-have kitchen gadget.

I took my own photographs for this assignment, which proved to be a lot more difficult and time consuming that I had originally thought. Since the mold was so large freezing a skull took over a day, and sometimes water would leak out of the mold leaving me with half a skull or less. Then I tried using Jell-O, which I couldn’t get out of the mold at all. In the end I had to stick the mold directly into the glass and photograph it like that.

Software used: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator

Fonts used: Helvetica Neue, Avenir, and Snowtop Caps