Sorry for the late post, I was feeling rather seasick last night and went to bed early.

Yesterday we were docked in Cozumel, Mexico. My family had an early start as we were booked on the Dune Buggy and Snorkeling excursion.

As soon as our tour group got to shore we were taken to the parking lot briefed on how to drive the dune buggies. After our brief we took a ten minute drive to a little section of beach called Chankanaab where we would be snorkeling. Since my mother has a fear of getting her hair wet, my father and I donned our snorkeling gear and hit the ocean with the rest of our tour group. We snorkeled past some fish and around some coral, discovering hidden sea urchin and a family of calamari. As we snorkeled into deeper water we found a tiny spider crab and a pair of barracuda.