Hi everyone!

I created a survey to help me understand what users need from time management and project management software. So if you’re dissatisfied with the options currently available online please help me out by answering this survey!


This research will be used for my thesis project.

Design Challenge: The advance of technology has provided individuals with vast opportunities for managing their personal information, however, for those seeking tools to organize their productivity there is no one simple or obvious application to use, but rather dozens of options that inadvertently cause inefficiency due to the constant switching back and forth between applications.

Rationale: Productivity tools are a necessity for professional individuals and teams that work in or operate businesses. These tools help users stay on track, allowing them to get the job done as efficiently as possible while simultaneously tracking and providing instant feedback that can help them determine their productivity levels. In order to truly increase one’s productivity, a single tool must be developed that can track and manage multiple aspects of productivity; eliminating the use of multiple applications that unintentionally lead to being unproductive. Many productivity tools lack a friendly user-interface and can be so complex that the application is opened once and never used again, leaving the issue of becoming more productive unsolved. Professionals need a single application that can be used across multiple platforms, packed with the proper features that they need to be more productive. Not only are the right tools important; but a clean, friendly, and easy to understand user-interface is essential for users to maximize their ability to be productive.