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Napkin Folding


Step-by-step instructions on how to fold a square cloth napkin into an elf’s boot.


I Am Iron Man


Our interpretation was to create a movie poster made only of type.

I chose one of my favourite Marvel movies Iron Man. I used quotes from the movie and used clipping masks to get the shape of Iron Man’s mask.

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 7

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 6

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 5

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 4

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 3

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 2

Disney Cruise 2014 Day 1

Undesirable No1


My assignment was to create a poster based on our design, illustrative, and photographic inspirations.

I’ve always admired the work done by MinaLima Design (specifically all the artwork they’ve done for the Harry Potter films), and illustrations by James White. Choosing a photographer was more difficult, as I follow a lot of photographers that have a very similar style, but I settled on a Disney hobbyist photographer Don Sullivan.

For my poster I chose to mimic James White’s illustrative style, combining it with MinaLima’s style of typography, and used a subtle photograph by Don Sullivan for the background. The typefaces I used are Tarantino and Abolition.

Back at the Aquarium

Fasten Your Seatbelt…



I designed these two posters for my Editorial Design class. Although our assignment was to create one typographic poster based on a quote, my professor liked both of my concepts so much that I designed two. I chose both of my quotes because their of light, humorous nature; I really wanted to avoid the typical inspirational quotes.

The first quote “Fasten your seatbelt slut puppy” is by Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty) from The Golden Girls.

The second quote “Nice girls keep their cookies in a jar” is by Elka Ostrovsky (Betty White) from Hot in Cleveland.

Unfortunately I did not take the photograph of the roller coaster. This is the original image.


You can purchase my second poster at my Society6 store on a variety of products (clothing, wall clocks, pillows, iPhone and iPad cases, tote bags, mugs).



I designed this poster for my Experimental Typography class. Our theme was “kaleidoscope”, which is also the theme of George Brown’s Year End Show.

I went with a very geometric approach and I wanted my colours to be reminiscent of those that you would see in a toy kaleidoscope.

After watching How To Animate a Photo | The 2.5D Effect  I was inspired to try the technique myself.

With the cold Canadian weather get more dismal, lately I’ve found myself fantasizing a lot about going on a Disney Cruise. So I found a photo that I took of the Disney Fantasy in the Grand Cayman Islands and decided that it would work well for turning into a parallax animation.

Here’s the original photograph (after some editing).


I proceeded to removed the ship from the foreground and painted in the missing sky and ocean. I didn’t spend too much time on the background because I knew that you wouldn’t see it behind the ship in the final parallax video.


After separating my layers I imported them into Adobe After Effects and began adjusting the depth and scale of my images. I key framed my camera to gentle zoom in motion and played the video back. Something about just looked strange. Then it hit me, I had to make the ocean waves ripple! So I grabbed the puppet warp tool and key framed away. (Now I know that the ripples are quite pronounced in the image but I was aiming for a subtle animation!) I also animated the flag on the nose of the ship to make it look like it was blowing in the wind.


At the Aquarium

A Lego New Year

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